Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goal Line Design

I am happy to unveil the new location and name of Enforced Logos. Enforced Logos will now be called Goal Line Design. You can go to the new site by clicking the logo link below.

A Brand new Concept will be waiting for you to launch the site. I think I needed a fresh start. You can read about that under the extras tab on GLD. Enjoy.

Last Post...

The new website name will be available tonight on EL at midnight. You will be able to access it as soon as i post the name. 2 concepts will be waiting for you to start the new site with a bang.

This jersey was made by my friend Frank. I showed him how to use my template in power point and you can expect more art from him. He didn't give me details on this jersey but its not bad for his first one on power point.
See you tonight at midnight!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bad News...

I have some pretty bad news regarding the current Originalizing the NHL project...I was transferring some files on my computer and somehow i deleted the whole powerpoint i had the project saved on...Luckily, we got about half way through. It's summer and i will have lots of time to do lots of other things. I will post way more and have a wider range of art. As you have seen, Enforced Logos has turned into more of my personal portfolio. I think it is better because it is faster and i can post even more than before. That is just one change. The next change is the biggest one Enforced Logos has seen. Mark your calender, because on Monday, June 21st, Enforced Logos will go by a new name, and will have a new home location/web address. More details will come. Until then, no concepts or projects.

-Jack G

Tampa Bay Lightning